A little about me

Interaction design with an investigative and entrepreneurial spirit

Copenhagen, Denmark
Interaction designer, entrepreneur, researcher
According to colleagues: lucid, curious, empathic, and humorous

I am a(n)


The discipline of design is to me perspective and method in one. It guides all study and work I do, as a creative and iterative process that continuously moves between the big picture and the details. I design to empower and enlighten people. I build tools to help us get smarter, more creative and independent.


I have co-founded a design studio (studio:ludens) and a software startup (Zoowm), adding up to 6 years of entrepreneurial experience. Though a designer at heart, I come prepackaged with hands-on experience in product development, marketing & promotion, client communication and customer service.


I have worked on research projects in both academia and business. I have been a visiting researcher at the Exertion Games Lab (RMIT University) and research trainee at the Connecting People group (CSIRO). I am familiar with research processes in Human-Computer Interaction and have authored a dozen publications, 4 of which as a first author.


With innovation comes the risk to fail. That is why I starting making ideas tangible early on in a project. No matter how crude, they help to talk with users and will often reveal hidden problems or opportunities. Whether it is a phone app, installation, service or electronic product – I rely on a wide arsenal of tools to help me get ideas out quickly.

Team player

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of clients, customers, partners and team members. I can work independently when needed, or collaborate efficiently with a team of specialists. Having tip-toed in other disciplines (like marketing, support, business strategy) has giving me a better understanding of my own role as a designer and helps me discover opportunities in cross-functional collaboration.


Designs need to work well, look good and have a compelling story behind them. No matter whether it is a one week exploration or a year-long product development, I always aim for the highest possible outcome with the time and means given. I work best with people who feel the same.


Eindhoven University of Technology
Enia Carpet
Sackler Centre (V&A Museum)
Textiel Museum Tilburg