Repper Pro

A pattern-making tool for designers and everyone else.

self-released under studio:ludens
2009 - now
online demo
Alexander Rulkens
Mostly the whole lot, from concept to implementation and promotion to customer support.
Successful launch of in-house product
150k users of free version
1500+ desktop software licenses


Patterns are essential to graphic and fashion design, but can be tedious to create. Repper automates this process, letting the user effortlessly explore the possiblities.

Where most pattern applications have a steep learning curve and are aimed at professionals, Repper lets anyone dive straight into the creative process.

Designed for everyone

Repper combines a number of principles I apply to designing creative tools.

Product evolution

We developed the first usable version in a few days and put it online. Spreading like wildfire online (BoingBoing, LifeHacker), we developed a more user-friendly interface and added options to print your patterns straight onto products. Based on user feedback, I developed a full-featured desktop application. My main goal was to make sure the new options did not compromise the simplicity that made people love Repper in the first place.

Website is our online showcase and shop. It features designs made with Repper and a demo of the tool.

The desktop version of Repper costs €29. It’s free for elementary & high schools.

Creative uses

Many people have found unique applications for Repper. It has among others been used by crafters on Etsy and teachers as part of a creative curriculum.

Customer testimonials

It is very rewarding to see what people do with the software you have made. We occasionally receive thank you emails from people who have been using Repper for years. They always make my day.

I am having so much fun with the software, making lovely patterns for my digital scrapbooking kits.

Chelle Stein,

This is great tool, now it takes only a second to create what i tried a few times in Photoshop. Thank you!

Kaloyan, user